Veronika Mihalj – Art Therapist

Veronika is a compassionate, skilled Art Therapy practitioner who is passionate about the power of Art. Through her own personal experiences and through facilitating the process with others she has seen how lives can be enhanced and transformed for the better. Veronika is particularly experienced working with people that are marginalised in our communities, providing opportunities where Art is a vehicle for empowerment and change. Veronika’s approach to therapy is client focused, incorporating a range of therapies including expressive – art, music, drama and sandplay and narrative – counselling and pyschotherapy, to suit your individual needs. She has extensive experience working with children as well as adolescents and adults. Both in Australia and overseas.
What is Art Therapy? Art Therapy integrates the fields of human development, visual art and the creative process with models of counselling and psychotherapy. It incorporates the creative process of art making, such as drawing, painting and sculpture, in order to express your feelings and release emotional tension. Who benefits from Art Therapy? EVERYONE! No artistic talent or skill is required. You are born creative; it is your natural birthright to express yourself! Art making is a way to fit everything together that words cannot always express. The images you create can answer questions that you are struggling with; connecting the mind, heart and body together towards wholeness and well-being.